It is based on Community Management framework with the purpose to implement the Government Community Programs to the right community at the right time with the right program. It also help in measuring the effectiveness of these community programs with feedback, outcome analysis and inculcate a performance-based culture using proven Performance Management tools.

Community Management System through a platform of 4 components:-

Community Management and Profiling
  • This component profile the community and capture the required details or parameters
Delivery Program Management
  • This component provides flexibility to configure the program whether it is rebate, subsidy or incentive programs for the targetted community
Enforcement, Audit and Community Support
  • This component enables a checky mechanism or enforcement and audit to cross check the program are delivered to the correct targetted community
Outcome Analysis and Business Insight
  • This component provides the outcome analysis of the whole program in any form e.g KPI, Balance Scorecard, Business Intelligence and Location Intelligence


  1. A complete centralised system.
  2. Provide overall performance monitoring.
  3. Enforce a dynamic control over application and approval of customers related support nationwide.
  4. Complete and detailed analysis capabilities of customers that receives support from various organisations, and thus providing company with the ability for effective future planning and decision-making.
  5. Flexibility to allow inter accessibility across various agencies’.