is an accounting system that covers full set of account including payment gateways solution. It is a financial application that support all back-office and business processes across the entire company (Big Ledger architecture) and cloud based ERP system.

are suitable for business and agencies who have branches which need to have a standardize accounting or financial ledger system and can be centralized. Thus enabling company to increase efficiency, save time and also allow you to manage all your resources under one application even while on the go.

Value Proposition

  • Standard Accounting for Government Agencies (SAGA) compliance.
  • Flexibility running on cloud or on premise server
  • Web-based (Convenience and lower TCO)
  • Cross platform compatible
  • Speed and reliability
  • Extremely strong research and development capabilities with proven track record (Malaysia + China JV)
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Experience and expertise in enterprise IT architecture for the cloud platforms
  • Unlimited users (per branch pricing)
  • Subscription or Perpetual Licensing Model
  • Source code availability
  • Android and other mobile apps integration
  • Third Party Software Integration
  • Integration with banks
  • E-Commerce Ready

is the financial application that supports all back-office and business processes across the entire company.

includes financial accounting, financial management, supply chain, inventory management, order management, shipping and fulfilment, employee management, customer loyalty program, point of sales, warranty, logistics, business intelligence, e- commerce and more.

1. REDUCE YOUR TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Businesses running on EBI Book reports more than 50% cost savings as compared to running their old on-premise systems.
EBI Book eliminates costly upgrades, expensive infrastructure and onerous maintenance.
2. OPTIMIZE CASH FLOW AND INVENTORY With your front and back office processes integrated on a real time basis, processes from order to delivery and subsequently collection could be accelerated. It helps you to save costs, improve speed and optimize inventory holding.
3. ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR DATA SYNCHRONIZATION Many businesses suffer due to problems having the latest data synchronized correctly while some face challenges of latency.
4. A REAL-TIME, COMPREHENSIVE VIEW OF YOUR BUSINESS With our matrix-reporting format, you get a complete summary and detailed view of finance, sales, inventory, orders and other vital statistics at your fingertips.
5. SUPPORTS YOUR DISTRIBUTED ORGANIZATION With EBI Book, you get anytime, anywhere secure browser-based access, so your employees can work the way they want to, using a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android
6. MULTI-COMPANY, MULTI-BRANCH IN A SINGLE DATABASE Cross company business processes at a breeze, consolidated account receivable for optimal credit exposure, cost allocation to the branches for better analysis.
7. CLOUD BASED SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) EBI Book runs on cloud for better scalability, reliability and stability. Businesses could reduce cost with our licensing model base on the number of branches and the cloud server specifications (unlimited user licenses). There's no upfront CAPEX, you get to enjoy computing on demand and you can get things up and running faster.