is an IT security and surveillance related matters such as antivirus, web application firewall, database encryption and managed security services.

Antivirus Software

A solution for every need
Whether you need protection for a single device, a smart home, your small business, hybrid infrastructure or Enterprise datacenter, we have the product that delivers the best security, unparalleled performance and incredible ease of use.
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Passer Counting System

Passer Counting System using a video camera, which can achieve higher accuracy. Focus of humanoid with three-dimensional identification technology (vector method, the world patent technology), can identify three-dimensional shape, realize high speed high density analysis. A very complicated human behavior can be accurately counted.

Neo Face Recognition

Neo Face Recogniton can be implemented as a functionally independent application, or seamlessly integrated into new or existing biometric security solutions by system integrators and solution providers.

NeoFace Watch helps reduce the risk of security threats by integrating face matching technology with video surveillance input while checking individuals against known photographic watch lists, and producing real-time alerts.

NeoFace Watch detects faces in individual camera image frames, extracts and processes the faces to create a biometric template, and then compares this template against the templates of subjects enrolled in the NeoFace Watch database.

Why Face Recognition?

  • Unique (Biometrics) Not swappable (e.g. door access card)
  • Less intrusive compared to other Biometric Methodology
    (e.g. finger-prints, finger-veins, iris)
  • Remote Verification / Contactless
  • Counter Tail-Gating
    All faces will be captured and recorded

WAPPLES – The Intelligent Web Application Firewall

WAPPLES is a logic-analysis based web application firewall capable of detecting an unprecedented amount of malicious HTTP traffic, without requiring continual signature updates. Its detection engine evaluates and categorizes the intended purpose of all incoming traffic and blocks attacks accordingly. WAPPLES is able to detect previously known, unknown, or modified attacks, while still maintaining system performance and low false positive detections. Its easy-to-configure design and intuitive GUI console simplify security management for administrative staff.

These advantages are why WAPPLES is leading the newest approach to web application firewalls.


  1. High-end Security
    • Protection from unknown attacks with the Contents Classification and Evaluation Processing (COCEP) engine.
    • Extremely low false positive rates
    • 27 pre-defined rules provide widespread protection against malicious traffic
    • Able to defend against HTTP DDoS attacks
    • Prevents private information leakage via HTTP
  2. Stable, High Performance
    • Engine optimization provides enhanced performance
    • High processing power with in-memory computing capability
    • Stable performance even with strict security policy settings enabled
    • Increased bandwidth through bonding technology
  3. Easy to Install & Configure
    • Minimal changes to existing systems
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use GUI management console
    • Reduces time spent on web security management
  4. Supports Various Environments
    • Can be deployed in Reverse proxy, Inline, or High Availability configuration modes
    • Various hardware models can support small, medium, or large enterprises.

ISign Plus - The Best User Authentication and Management Solution

ISign Plus is the SSO/EAM solution for enterprise user management. It can resolve inconvenience and inefficiency of user management, reduced costs and time to manage increased users and applications and increased security level which prevents insider hackings by strong authentication and authority management systems.


  1. Single Sign On (SSO)
    • One-step user authorization for various applications
    • Equipped with certified encryption module
    • Utilizes multiple authentication methods including Public-key Infrastructure
  2. Extranet Access Management (EAM)
    • Authority management based on Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Access control based on individual users and applications
    • Policy copy and delegation to meet the IT management efficiency
    • GUI management tool for a quick policy generation
  3. Auditing and Management
    • Auditing capabilities organized by user / access time /s ervices employed
    • Real-time auditing and user activity tracking
    • System status monitoring (CPU / Memory / Network usage)

D’Amo - Comprehensive database security solution

D’Amo is a comprehensive database security solution with data encryption & access control functions. D’Amo encrypts and protects a company’s confidential information from unauthorized users. D’Amo will enhance your corporate image and reduce costs and time in managing secure information.

The Need for DB Security

  1. Increase of Corporate Information Leakage
    • Increased frequency of access information due to increase usage of IT services
    • Increase of information leakage from inside
  2. Need for corporate information security
    • Damage to corporate brand image because of violations of information security laws and the embarassing data leakages.
  3. Vulnerability of DB Security
    • Difficulty in establishing database
    • Security because of difficulties in setting
    • Security policies and heavy time
    • Requirements for the administrator
  4. Require application of consistent security policies
    • Absence of consistent security policies causes data leakage of the entire DB because of one single vulnerable DB