Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management System

EBI HRMS is a revolutionary HR management system, which has been designed to deliver the strategic advantage to your organization through the alignment of your employees’ goals with your organization goals expressed in business performance indices. Our HRMS is a Web Based Online HR System, consisting of core HRMS Suite, Employee/Manager Self Service and the fully integrated Reporting Tool.

It provides an easy to use and flexible interface to record your HR data with minimum redundancy and effort; ensuring you have quality data to start with.

It is through its integrated design, that it delivers the transparency needed, to support effective management in optimum planning, development and deployment of your organization’s most valuable asset, and that is the human capital.

Our Special value proposition:-

  1. Supports rule based approval workflow
  2. Built in report customizer and report writer.
  3. Integrated active dashboard style reporting.
  4. Provides scheduled process runs and report distribution thru email.
  5. Provide Position ID management
  6. Supports accurate time based HR reporting
  7. Support multi-lingual interface
  8. Supports web based access