ICT Consultancy

ICT Consultancy

EBI’s consulting methodologies has been proven success over the years and we keep on refining them as we move forward to ensure that your strategies and business goals are met.

Information Strategy

Our team of experts will provide the Clients with an Information Strategy Blueprint. The blueprint covers the following areas:

  1. IT Strategy Map
  2. Transformation Planning
  3. Initiative Management
  4. Competency Management & Development
  5. Governance and Stewardship

The objective of the Information Strategy Blueprint is to provide visibility to the CIO on the pre-requisite changes required on People, Process, Infrastructure, Systems and Policies to achieve the information requirements of the business strategies.

Firstly, we will review the 5-year strategic plans and the strategic options that are adopted by the business. The information requirements needed to support these business strategies will be defined from the latter. We will perform “As-Is” audits on competency levels, operational processes, IT infrastructure, application systems and governance policies in the existing environment. A transformation and change management plan will be put in place to move the organization from the “As-Is” to “To-Be” strategic state.

These plans will be provided in the Information Strategy Blueprint for the CIO and management team to activate their strategic transformation process.

Information Architecture

Setting up the right Information Architecture is crucial to a successful implementation of our solution and services. A holistic and well-designed architecture allows accurate extraction and detailed analysis of key business information. Our Information Architecture Services include Information Architecture Diagnostics and Information Process Review.

Information Process Review covers reviews on information collection approach, manual collection process review, automation and others. We link information design to enterprise strategy to build a scalable information platform that improves information dissemination, fact-based decision making and articulation of business insights.