Software Development

EBI offers a complete set of software development services as follows:

New Development

Development of new components or products

Technology research and prototyping of new technologies or applications.

Legacy Development

Technical migration or refactoring of existing/legacy applications.

Further development and maintenance of existing applications, code analysis and documentation.

Integration and Customization

Enterprise Application Integration

Integration and adaption of third-party components or open source software.

Testing and QA

Automated Unit Testing

Fuctional Testing

Performance and Stress Testing

Integration Testing

Technical and User Documentation

Code Reviews

Software Scope of Development

EBI software development can take up a part of or the complete software development process from the client, starting from the Analysis phase and ending with go-live deployment as illustrated below :-

Our development engagement can deliver the following services on its own or in cooperation with the in-house team or IT department of the client.
  1. Authoring of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  2. Solution Prototyping and Software Architecture design
  3. Coding in compliance with SRS and architecture
  4. Test plan review, Testing and quality assurance of a software product

Our Development is Based On

  • Rapid Application Development using .NET technologies and Visual Studio Team System
  • Design of secure software application infrastructure for web application in .NET
  • Developing rich user experience web applications
  • Integration of applications via web services, SOA and Windows Communication Foundation
  • Upgrading application to newer .NET version
  • Porting of VB and Java applications/code, using also semi-automatic conversion tools for static parts
  • Development of distributed cross-platform enterprise applications
  • Legacy migration/re-engineering of applications to the Java platform
  • Integration of applications, using open standards – SOAP, REST, XML-RPC and etc.
  • Development of rich-GUI desktop and web applications using Java and open-source frameworks
  • Developing applications for mobile and smartphones
  • Contributing to open source Java projects.